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:huh: can anyone tell me why car manufacturers are making headlights out of plastic now? It's so annoying when I park next to an 88' corolla with crystal clear headlights, then look at my yellowing plastics. shame, cause the twin projector cluster design on the 92'-96' ES looks so good. I feel like this is an important topic because a cars headlights are among the most important style statements (they're like the cars eyes). anyways, is it a way to cut manufacturing costs, or because they are less apt to fracture?
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And also you've got to remember that headlights are FAR different nowadays than old sealed beams like 80s Corollas. Headlights are styled, swoopy, huge, tiny. The costs involved in morphing glass to those shapes along with the added weight is what makes carmakers use plastic, they can do a lot more with them.

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