Car won't start sometimes, no starter sound, then starts after many tries

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Lately I've experience starter issues with my 2003 GX 470.  When I insert the key and turn it, all dash lights come on but it doesn't start.  No sound, just nothing. If I try again and again it eventually the starter engages and will turn over and start. Sometimes this takes just a few tries and sometimes 20-30 tries. It doesn't happen all the time, just when I least expect it.  Any ideas on where the problem may be?

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Start simple.

First: how old is the battery? If it is OEM from 2003 you have gotten far more life than normal. If it is aftermarket, they become suspect after three or four years. If you have another known-to-be-good battery then give it a try. Even trying a jumper cable from another running vehicle will give you a hint if it is the battery. There are some auto parts places that will check a battery for free.

If the battery is proven to be good, then check the battery connections to see if they are corroded. It is possible for the lights to work but not enough amps are flowing to engage the solenoid and turn the starter.

Next, check the battery ground cable where it attaches to the frame. You may want to remove it and clean the area.

If there is still a problem, try running a jumper cable from the negative battery post to an unpainted bolt on the engine. Remove the negative clamp so you can directly attach to the battery post.

That should eliminate all the battery-related issue. Next, the starter/solenoid will have to be tested. Some auto parts stores will do this also. It is possible for you to do it with a known good battery on a bench but that might better be left to experts.

Another possibility is the ignition switch. These more complex problems are better handled by mechanics.

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      My wife's Rx330 has about 150k miles and recently started failing in various places. First the starter gave up and stopped engaging. Replaced it, but after a little while a 2.5 year old battery also failed. Replaced it as well but decided to check up an alternator. It also failed the test, was generating about 13.3v output. So I'm going to take it out today and replaced it as well. The question I have is the following, what could have caused such a massive failure? I understand that bad alternator could cause the battery to go bad and vice verse but why the starter then? Could there be some underlying other problem? Also after I replaced the battery, the windows in the back and front passenger side stopped opening from the drivers console, but are opening from each door controls. Thank you
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      New here, and joined to ask this so yes i have googled and i have searched, just maybe not in the right way. Is there anyway to reach wiring ports to the starter without taking the intake off? My first 1uz ive owned and im fairly confident that the wiring to the starter is loose. Hoping there is a better solution than taking the manifold off to reach the starter. Thanks.
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      Hey guys! I'm new on this forum. This is my first post, but hopefully it's an interesting one. I have a 99 LS400 with 152k miles on it. A few weeks ago, it started taking more and more turns of the key to start it, until one day, when all I got was the infamous single click. So I figured it's time to replace the starter and ordered a Denso Remanufactured one. It came in late yesterday, and my friends and I got started. We finished today and got the car all put back together. When I went to start it, it started right up! However, right after it turned over, there was a very high pitched whining/whirring noise ( like something spinning very quickly) which lasted a second or two. I've tried starting it about 12-13 times since then, and it does it almost every time, although the noise has gotten a bit quieter.
      My friends and I immediately suspected that the noise was coming from the starter not disengaging and pulling back out of the flex plate after starting it. After doing some quick searching on this forum, I figured we were probably right about that theory. Is this because we possibly didn't seat the starter properly? Maybe it might've been at a slight angle?  But the two 14mm bolts went right in and we tightened them properly. The starter seemed like it was very stable and properly fitted. Or is this just an issue with the starter itself?
      In any case, my main concern is... Will this cause any long term problems to the flex plate or something? Will the new starter go out quickly? Basically, what should I do at this point? 
      Thanks in advance guys!
      PS. I have to take the LS400 on a 900 mile road trip from Chicago to NY tomorrow . That's why I'm kinda anxious and worried about this noise haha. At least we got the starter replacement done fairly quickly and on time. I have to say, although it was an annoying job, it really wasn't as bad as I was expecting! 
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      Got a new Battery a few days ago, went to start today and ignition acted normal as I turn he key  until i get to the start position at which time the car goes dead..all lights and fans go off as normal but no noise after that. starter will not fire, in one of the posts in this forum had a link to that gave me my problem and the fix.
      problem: anti-theft was ingaged
      Fix: lock and unlock the drivers door from the outside 5 times with the key. This will reset the anti-theft
      It worked, thanks and hope its this simple for others with this problem