92 lexus ls400 died on highway other day

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Hey guys so im having a bit of trouble here figuring out the problem with my 92 ls400 just bought the car 2 months ago. so i was driving it to work a week before and my engine died at a light figured it was because of my subwoofer cause a short. so i waited 2 minutes started it back up drove it too a friends parked it let it run for 10 minutes didnt see any issues drove too work fine. 2 days later was driving it onto the highway felt a little power loss as i was accelerating around 2000rpm after 3 it was fine so i continued driving got too the mall let the car sit for a couple hours came back out started it let it run for a bit then drove back towards home engine died completely even with my foot down then wouldnt start back up towed it back to my house let it sit for two days then tried to start it it started up it started but now idles below 1000 rpm revs up fine as the rpms kick back down it shudders a bit no idea whats going on also coolant light just came on 

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Welcome Ashton. 

With a 1992, there are a lot of things it could be... but lets look at the fairly simple stuff. As an example, your engine has two coils and two distributors. As part of a regular maintenance, the distributor caps and rotors should be replaced (along with other things). Parts get worn and need to be replaced on a regular schedule. Without a detailed maintenance history, it is hard to determine what has and has not been done. 


As Billy pointed out, the first thing to try is to check for engine codes. That is the computer trying to tell you what is wrong. To get the codes, use this guide http://www.lexls.com/tutorials/intro/codereading.html

In fact, you should become very familiar with this site because it provides a ton of good info on your car.

As Bob guessed, it could be a sensor. Or it could be the filter capacitors in your ECU. Lots of things it 'might' be. But lets get the basic maintenance stuff out of the way and then try to methodically figure it out or else you will be on a real witch hunt throwing money and time at it.

Let us know what you find with the codes. 

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Welcome Ashton, and good job that you bought a lexus among other options which you might have, its a great car every car has its own problem so do not get frustrated if you are

Now coming to your problem, as other experts here told you go step by step, the 1st step being plug a OBD code reader into your diagnostic port and then check,

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this model suffers with throttle body problems usually a good clean sorts it or put the air con on the higher revs stop it stalling

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