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Brake pedal goes to floor

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Hi gang,


Haven't posted for a while so hello again to all.

I'm having a similar brake problem but not as severe as OP. My pedal is a bit spongy and if I press the brake pedal very hard I can get the pedal to hit the mechanical stop. The car never creeps though and brakes stop ok. The brakes just seem grabby. If I tap the pedal quickly they seem to grab rather than a gradual engagement and slow dow.

I did flush brake fluid a couple months ago thinking that might be it (air in lines old contaminated fluid) but that didn't seem to do much. There are no apparent leaks anywhere so I don;t have a rupture seal that I can see. I'm wondering if this is an indication of master cylinder seal worn out and fluid leaking past the seals. I have also read some folks say the flex lines to each wheel can get weak and lead to soft brake pedal ( I assume the sidewalls of flex are stretching under pressure?).

I notice it more now as I got my wife a GX470 last year and her pedal is firm and no sponginess.

I don't want to start randomly throwing parts at this. Anybody a brake expert or solved a similar problem with a LS430 (2004)?



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