02 GS300 Ultra racing Strut bar wont fit????

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So I purchased a UR strut bar from Throwdown perfomance. Input my year, make, and model and it have me this option for a strut bar. It comes in and......the holes for the bolts aren't lining up. Anyone out there that can help or that has a UR strut bar that can give me some advice on wtf im spose to do


Pics below




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Hi Marcus,

I apologize for no one getting back to you and I want you to know that's not the way we work.

I have a suspicion that one of the problems might be the specificity and rareness of your request. There may not be to many members who have your answer off the top of their heads.

I am putting your request to two of our tech gurus. I hope they can help you out.


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I have never messed with an aftermarket component like this but my first thought was whether you tried turning it 180 degrees to see it would fit better. However, after looking more closely at the pictures, I do not think that is the problem. 

It would be best to call the company and explain the situation to them because either they sent you the wrong part or they have a serious design flaw. 

I also wonder if the hood is going to close after you get it installed. Looks high. 

Anyway, it looks like a message to Throwdown Performance is your best bet to get this resolved. 

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