Jacking up LX470 ...

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I'm new with LX470's.

Any special information I need to jack up this SUV and put on Jack Stands?



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There should be jack points on the vehicle underneath near the center at both ends to use a floor jack on.  You might need a high lift floor jack to raise the vehicle high enough.  Jack stands compatible with pinch welds will keep from bending them.  I don't have an LX but these concepts have applied to all the Toyota and Lexus vehicles I've put on jack stands.

I don't like the idea of raising a vehicle from one side at time with a jack like the ones that come with vehicles for changing tires - way too scary for me.  I always jack from the center with a floor jack when putting a vehicle on jack stands.

Be sure to use wheel chocks to keep the vehicle from rolling!!!  I use four big stinky hard rubber cheap chocks from Harbor Freight.

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