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i have Lexus RX 330 2005.

I noticed my Radiator/Condenser cooling fans operate only in "Low Speed" Mode in all 4 scenarios below. < Refer Attachment >

a) Engine coolant temperature 90°C (194 °F) or below - > Rotate (Low speed)
b) Engine coolant temperature 95 °C (203 °F) or above -> Rotate (High speed)
c) A/C Refrigerant pressure is less than 1,520 kPa (15.5 kgf/cm2, 220 psi) -> Rotate (Low speed)
d) A/C Refrigerant pressure is 1,520 kPa (15.5 kgf/cm2, 220 psi) or above -> Rotate (High speed)

I already checked below.

- Removed fan connectors from fan control module & directly wired fan motors to battery. Both fans rotate in high speed. -> No issue with fan motors

- Removed and re-plugged A/C pressure sensor socket. A/C compressor cut off happens in normal fashion.

- Test control pulse to fan control module. ( i.e. " Small Green wire " ). It gives 1.7v~ 2.0v for radiator coolant temp triggers , 2.5v for Air Con triggers

Any clue on whats wrong here ... Is it due to faulty fan control module ?

Do anyone have 2004 ~ 2009 RX 330 / 350 fan control wiring diagram ?






Fan Speed.png

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My take is this, go by your temperature gauge. If it does not rise above normal during warm weather and stop and go driving, then why worry about fan speed? If u feel the engine is running hot, then it will need to be diagnosed by a dealer with the proper equipment. 

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but it has impact on AC high pressure side. My high pressure side ac hose got leaked near compressure due to higher temp. So ac condenser won't cool down gas efficiently. Specially when vehicle is parked and in idle mode with AC switched on. 

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I have the same problem. The fans do not run when sitting with engine idle. This condition fails to keep the AC running cool. Interested in knowing what may be causing this.

2006 RX330 Canada model.

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  • 4 years later...

Causes me to wonder if there are cases of over pinched wires at connection points causing excess resistance to the coil in the relay that controls when the fan does what it does. 

Over pinched wires are fairly common in several manufacturers vehicles including Toyota and Lexus. 

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A little back story, I bought the rx330 a few weeks ago with the issue of both cooling fans that run continuously on full blast as long as the car runs. Doesn't matter if AC is on or off. Found out that the issue was the cooling fan module. After replacement the fans only comes on after driving and letting it idle for awhile also with the AC running. The problem I now have is the fans would never kick into high speed it should kick in at 203°f . Car runs great its not overheating. The temperature gauge is spot on the middle. Just ordered a scanner with live data to make sure the gauge is reading correctly. I'll keep you guys updated if I find anything else. Sorry for the double post from earlier.

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Has the outdoor air been hot since you started having the issue? As in if nice cool air is being sucked across the cooling fins the sensors may not call for high speed fans. 

Just a thought. 

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Out side temperature is high 80s to mid 90°f just got the car not long ago. I haven't a clue how Lexus cooling fan operate. Been driving a rsx type s for the past 12 years. 

Fingers crossed it's just not hot enough to trigger the high-speed.

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Well, I suppose upper 80's to lower 90's could trigger a high speed. In my Ford work truck for example during a mid atlantic winter the fan does not run very fast when the truck idles but does run briefly at times.  In spring I hear it running on days like you described, 80's and low 90's but that time of year the humidity it still lower than it is in the summer. It runs more but not wide open. 

In summer when it's 80 degrees at 6am and humidity is thick the nice lady at the Hardees drive through says "can you speak up there's something loud drowning out your voice?" ……that would be the cooling fan running wide open. 

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The most likely scenario that would result in the fans kicking in at high speed is during lengthy stop & go driving in high traffic conditions during high ambient temperatures.
Have you done this?

After driving in these conditions and after arriving home, let your vehicle idle for 5 minutes or so. I would think that the trigger temp would be exceeded and the high speed fans would be energized.

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30 minutes at most, haven't had the chance to drive much. I would say low stop and go traffic. Temperatures are in the low 90°f. I left the car idleing for 5-10 minutes still no high speed. Going to monitor coolant temperature when my scanner arrived today.

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Took a ride with the blue driver OBD2. Drove on the freeway for a few miles coolant temperature stay below 187°f.

Took the off ramp drove for a few more mile with moderate stop and go traffic. Temperature rise to 205°f. Still didn't hear high speed fans coming on. Once moving temps drop to 190°f. Outside temperature was 80°f

I Pulled over and have the car idle, after a minute the temperature rise to 208°f and drop to 185°f when cooling fan (low) came on. High speed still did not came on. 

Is this normal? Any RX owners with this issues? Thanks in advance

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Sounds like fans are getting it done without having to turn on high. 

Normal operating range is 195 to 220. If it goes to 225, then you should be concerned as 230 is when it begins to be in "over heated" territory. 

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    • By 04lexusrx33O
      Hello! My name is Jake and I have an 04 RX330 with 230,000 miles on it. Not certain on the history of it but I have gotten it with no heat and an overheating problem(EDIT: previous owners said it has overheated on them). I immediately knocked out the easy stuff, checked coolant levels, verified fans were working. So I end up doing serious work that it needed: waterpump, timing belt, power steering pump, upper/lower intake gaskets, thermostat(THM 117-$11.32 at napa), valve cover gaskets, spark plugs. I end up finding smoke swirling out of a crack in the radiator while the car was idling for an hour during a fuel injector decarbonizing process. I end up replacing the radiator as well as the fan motors with the relay because the fans wouldn't turn on. I ended up using a power probe straight to the old fan motors and only fan #2 worked. I end up putting it all together-bled all of the air out of the cooling system with an airlift evacuation tool-and this thing is still overheating! Today I pulled it in and put the scantool on it-temp reads 244 degrees, so it's up there. I take a laser thermometer gun and the passenger-side (or upper hose) of the radiator read 183 degrees give or take and the part of the intake that the sensor screws into was around the same. So I thought it's only a $20 sensor, and replaced it-also considering it had a previous P0117 code(engine coolant temperature circuit low input). I know when the DTC is aiming at the input part of a circuit, it's talking about something with the sensor. I thought this would do it, BUT the car still overheats via gauge. Good news was I had heat, so I'd blast it when it starts climbing up and it'd slowly go down. I'm really stumped now, because I know the heater core acts as a mini radiator, but it doesn't make sense that the heatercore cools the engine down but not the fans and radiator being fully functional. The upper heater hose is piping hot with pressure but the lower hose is room temperature with pressure, I verified by squeezing the hoses. Is the thermostat defective? I installed it with the wobbler pin positioned at the top via installation instructions. I feel like I might run a compression test tomorrow to check the head gaskets, but I feel like I'm missing another sensor or something-I'm a freshman in college so anyone with experience I'd greatly appreciate it! 
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      brakes judder at high speeds but ok under 60mph
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      Hello all, I test drove a clean 02 ES 300 yesterday (looking for a clean, reliable car around $10k+/-). In my area, it's hard to find clean cars for this price. I could go with something new'ish like a Fit or an Accent, but I would prefer a used Lexus. In fact, I'm driving a 180k 97 ES 300 right now that has been solid as a rock over the last 85k.
      It was owned by an older woman who died somewhat suddenly about 1.5 years ago. Her daughter drove the car from 84k-to-its current 94.5k.
      The mother had it serviced at the Lexus of Portland dealer since new. I asked for a printout copy of maintenance receipts before my test drive and she had them there in the car. The copy wasn't a full printout with detailed service as some of it was cutoff or abbreviated. But, it was there and had a list of all service from 0-84k miles.
      The car was listed as excellent condition. Always garaged (from original owner; was sitting in driveway when I drove it). I asked to see the car do a cold-start up. It was definitely cold, as it had a few cob webs around the rear wheel arches. The car fired right up. The owner has a newer Altima and Ford Escape, so they don't really drive this car.
      Drove the car through town, through slightly higher speed back-roads at 45-55mph. I thought I noticed a slight vibration through the steering wheel.
      Then I hopped onto the freeway. Not really when accelerating, but when I let off the gas there was a very noticeable shaking of the steering wheel. It was almost shocking to me. I noticed the rear tires were noticeably less worn than the fronts, as if they hadn't been rotated in the last 10k+ miles.
      So what's the most likely culprit behind the steering wheel shaking at freeway speeds? More so when dropping the throttle?
      One thing of not, when looking through the service records there was a "vibration in steering wheel" noted at 12k miles. Again, the record were cut short from the dealer printout.
      I really, really like the car and made an offer if the vibration was remedied (we were thinking rotor or wheel balancing...).
      Anyone have ideas?
    • By YungNu
      Ok, at first , my car runs hot very fast. So i bust my radiator, bought a new one, new thermostat, so i cant fiugure out what the problem is. I finally saw that the cooling fans werent set up, i checked all the fuses, and that wasnt the problem,, so what could it be ?
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