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Hi James and welcome to the LOC for North America. We're excited about your comn  tribu and tech information. Also, having more leadership availability will give all the members  quicker response.

I like to have all the mods email address in a distribute list for quick transfer of info..

I will send you my email  address by PM or email. Do you prefer one over the other?

Talk to you soon.

Thanks James.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for having me here - looking forward to getting more involved in the community where I can.

As you may have guessed from my profile I currently own a Lexus IS250 SE-L (do you have the SE-L - it's the fully loaded one in the UK?) which I've had for the last couple of years and it's been great. I've driven/reviewed a selection of other models in the current Lexus (UK) range so I'm very familiar with the brand. I also run a Toyota MR2 Roadster (Spyder in the US) as my "fun" car. I've only just purchased that so still learning about that one.

If you could PM me your email address, I'll drop you a quick email with my contact details.

Hopefully I can be of help!

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Hi James and welcome to this side of the pond!

I am excited about having your help and in particular, help with the more technical problems. I would say that more than half of our "trouble" postings are for 2002 and earlier models. Our other area is just keeping chatter going in the chat room. I post new model information as it comes out from Lexus.

Do you know if Steve is going to put out an introduction about  your joining the team?

Thank you James and thanks for your help.






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I spoke with Steve and he doesn't think it's necessary at the moment. I'll just jump in and see what happens I suppose!

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