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Remote (wireless) Key Malfunction


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About a couple of months ago I noticed that the remote (wireless) key of my 1999 RX300 stopped working intermittently. I changed the battery in the key fob, but saw no improvement. More recently, it has almost stopped working. I have to insert the key into the door to open the car. (There is a tiny LED on the key, which does blink when I press any of the buttons.)

Anybody seen this problem or have any suggestions?

Thank you.

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My recommendations (more as an engineer than as any kind of "service professional"):

1) double-check battery in key

2) check circuit connections in key

3) check wireless receiver in car (possibly by using a second wireless key)

4) You should have already checked with a licensed service dept. before taking my advise

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when the problem occurs open the drivers door and check the door lock switch

Can you lock the door from the switch in the car?

Two common problems on early rx`s.one, the lf door has its own computer

located in the master window switch.the computer locks up just like a desktop

due to a poor program.Other symptoms are dome light concerns and door open light on cluster.There is an updated switch but I would n`t want to pay for it $$$$$$.You can unplug the master switch and "reboot" it.there is a

very strong clip on the top of the switch.the second common problem is the

door lock assemblies.the electric motor quits working.try to reboot it first.

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Lexus came out with a "new" master switch just like last person said but from what I have seen they were not a true fix for the problem he is right that unpluging the master switch for about 30 sec and "rebooting" the system works 90% of the time just becareful n that awful clip that holds it down it breaks pretty easy if not careful Good Luck

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