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What are the symptoms when the keyless ignition switch fails?

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My 2007 LS 460 is dead in the driveway.

When my wife went to start it she put her foot on the brake and pushed the start button. A red light came on saying the park brake was unavailable. She called me and I started to check things out. About that time, it put out an annunciation saying Pull over, call the Dealer right away and a red brake light came on.

I got out my OBDII reader and cancelled the lights. The car eventually started and drove normally with the 2 red lights and the Pull Over annuniated. The brakes were working fine.

I shut down at home and disconnected the battery to see if a total reset might solve the issue. I disconnected the ground cable and left it for about 2 hours. Now the car will not start and there is a red Park light flashing and the light in the start switch is flashing rapidly. Nothing else will turn on or operate. The transmission shifter will come out of the park position without indication that the ignition is in the on position.

I can't get the car to the dealer (Toyota) because the nearest Lexus dealer is about 200 miles away and it's Saturday with nothing to be done until Monday.


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Thank you soul460L,

The battery was only 2 years old so I didn't think it was the problem. I put it on charge and after a full night it lit some lights but really wasn't any better. Went and got a new battery, the car started right up and most of the lights went out. Still have VSC, Park, Brake lights on. Drove the car, nothing wrong with the brakes. I have an OBDII reader and light reseter but it says there are no lights needing reset.

My plan is to drive the car the way it is and see if the lights reset on their own. If not I'll go to the stealer and get them reset for $50.

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