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Advice, please

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I would appreciate some advice, preferably from someone who currently owns a 2002 LS430.
My wife and I are seriously considering purchasing a dealer demo 2015 RX350 AWD with around 9,000 miles. We currently are driving both a 2002 LS430 base (only options are sunroof and heated seats) with 137k miles and a 2001 Honda CR-V SE AWD (top end) with 97k miles.
Both of these cars are approximately the same value on a trade, dealer, or private seller price and are in great shape. The 430LS has 2 problems; a cracked passenger outside mirror cover and the rain sensor for the wipers does not work. It will need a new set of tires soon. The Honda CR-V has no real problems. Both cars have been well maintained, and the LS430 is usually garaged. We are in the central area of North Carolina. The LS is driven mostly around town but weekly has a 60 mile round trip. We do have a few days of snow and ice each winter.

MY QUESTION: What problems has anyone had with the 2002 LS430 over the years, especially electrical ones?

Appreciated advice: Which car would you keep if we purchase the 2015 RX 350? And why??

I will be posting this on another Lexus forum also.


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Assuming money isn't an issue I'd probably go for the 2015. Very nice and an excellent replacement for the Honda. Of course with the LS430, not a chance I'd let that go. We had a 1990 LS400 for 12 years and both my wife and I swear that it was the best driving car we ever drove. My 2004 ES330 drives like other boring front wheel drive cars. Maybe a little nicer but still boring. My 2014 IS250 AWD drives really nice but not as nice as the LS400 did.

For the few things wrong, I'd certainly fix them, put some well researched tires on and keep going. Finally IF you decide you are going to let it go, you should post it on here so we all get a crack at it.



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Keep the LS430.

Ours has over 200K miles with only brakes, tires, and O2 sensors replaced in the last 4 years. We just drove it from NC to FL, spent @ $120 in gas roundtrip.

Quiet and comfortable on the long trip. And SAFE doing 70+ MPH on I-95.

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