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Count Down To New Tires!


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Ok guys, I was just checkin out the car and cleaning it etc. then i was checkin out the tires and pressure and the tires appear to be cracking and are gonna need to be replaced in a few months (im not sure if 'arm and hammer' tire spray is gonna help this tire wear :( ) I have a 97 es300 with the stock alloy rims, i think they are like 12" or 14" i forget, but stock :) Everybody tells me its gonna be $130+ per tire.. thats a lot. Any word on what type and kind? I live in southern california. so the weather can be hot one day and rainy then next. or both at the same time :lol: Oh. also, i go 90Mph a lot, Speed rating ideas?? (ive gone 110mph, and wanna try for higher, maybe B) not untill new tires tho! )


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130 is way too much

but i am not in the states

go to www.tirerack.com if you are finding such high rates

cracks come usually form a car sitting especially in the sun

of using armour all

your stock tires should be 15's and speed rating of h should be fine

cost is your only factor for that

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Thanks sk!

OMG that site is SO cool! $338.76 is what the total cost would be if i got four 205/65HR15 Bridgestone Potenza RE950 400 A A

Sounds good to me. is there a lame man's term for 400 A A. I know its 400 times the other tires. but how much mileage is that?

Thanks again for the help!

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I am based over in the UK - so can't comment on price over there.

But I'm sure my attitude to tyres applies equally well over there.

Do not skimp on tyres - get cheap other bits if you like - but always get decent tyres.

The couple of inches of rubber per corner that tyres provide are the most important couple of inches of rubber on the car (not counting the condoms in the glovebox :whistles: ).

could be a matter of life or death.

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The price form tire rack, keep in mind that if it is just for the tires you still have to have the old ones taken off, new valve stems put in, then the new ones have to be balanced. The tire place will charge you to dispose of your old ones (not much though).

Figure in another $50-$100.

Look into the protection plan for all four tires. This can be purchased from any dealer that sells the brand you buy. You just need to show the date of purchase and the serial numbers on each tire to be covered.

Watch your local papers. Sometimes Michelin and Goodyear dealers run a sale, buy 3 get one free. Sears and NTB are competative and will match most advertised pricing. Shop around.

I have Bridgestone RE92s (215/60-16). They are ok, quiet, adequate in rain and snow. They are not OEM on the 03 ES300. They went to Michelin and TOYO. I don't know if that is a sign or did Michelin come through with a better bulk deal this model year.

I very much liked the Goodyear Aquatred and most likely will go with them next. (within the next 10k).

good luck. take it easy on the gas pedal. I don't know about CA but in MA you get caught doing 110 mph, your tire money just bought a $500 ticket.


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lol Thanks for the Info Steviej, Forgot that they needed to do dispose of the old tires. Oh and I LOVE how aquatred tires look ever since i first saw their commercail years ago, ya know, the one where the guy poors Big yellow buckets of water on the tire to show how it channels the water :P Oh and i think in CA after 100mph its considerd wreckless driving and you can get ur lisence and car taken away and taken to jail. Also i think there is an attemted manslaughter charge if you're caught driving even faster. (me is gonna stick to a solid 90mph :lol: )

Thanks again,


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yah aquatreads are also very good tires

they have a few styles now, i think 1 ,2 and some other type

i used to have these on my grand prix they were excellent when new much better than the michelins

but as they wore down the special tread design lost a lot of grip

jsut a thought and yah you do have to factor in install prices

you could get tehm put on at wal mart for like 6 bucks each and dispose of them yourself at the waste depot near you for free

but i am not sure of exact prices as i am in canada and they let us only drop up to 4 tires at a time for free

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