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Anyone having premature wear issues with the leather guide/holder straps for the seat belts? Have had car for 6 weeks and already have two small cuts and rub wear on the seat leather due to the the belt sliding back and forth inside the guide/holder straps. The Lexus dealership has examined and is determining what repair/fix route to take. I question the design and was initially concerned about wear. Unfortunately this did not take long to materialize.

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    • By Villiam
      OK, so though I have been aware of the need to be extremeley careful to accomodate for (failure of) the driver and passenger seatbelts to retrieve to their original position(s) when exiting the vehicle; today, my wife finally hit the nail-on-the-head when she accidentally crushed the perfect pass door panel by closing the door on the hanging "chad" and/or slacking seatbelt.
      My LS has 97,000 actual miles and previously a one-owner so I don't think this is a wear-n-tear issue. Any suggestions or does anyone know where I can locate replacement lower grey panels in pristine cond?
      Thanks so much for your feedback!!