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U.s. Ls400 Calendar Year Sales Figures From Lexus

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There seems to be confusion regarding how many LS400's were sold and when production ended. Model year 2000 was not a "half year" model nor were a small number of LS400's manufactured. Mine was manuafactured in June 2000 and there were either 204 or 205 (I forgot which) U.S. spec. LS400's manufactured after mine.

The whole concept of "model years" is foreign (pun intended) to many car manufacturers outside the U.S. Because the U.S. is such an important market for foreign manufacturers, it is not unheard of for the U.S. to get a new model for up to a full year after its initial sale in foreign markets.

It is fairly typical for cars of a particular model year to be manufactured by foreign car manufacturers until mid-summer when they switch over to a "new" model - which may not be new at all. Switching to the next model year in July/August of each year allows for the longer shipping time needed by Japanese and European manufacturers in order that the new model year cars arrive in U.S. showrooms during the fall time frame expected by Americans.

Note that the quantity for the 2000 calendar year includes a substantial number of 2000 model year LS400's that were sold in 1999. It is interesting that a few in this forum have expressed surprise at how difficult it is to find a used 2000 LS400. Could it be because the original owners and lessees are still driving them? I don't have any problem finding them - I park near other late model LS400's every day and I have to be careful about which one I try to get into since two are nearly identical to mine.

The LS400 sales figures for the U.S., by calendar year, provided by Lexus U.S.A. are:

2000 15,785

1999 16,303

1998 20,725

1997 19,548

1996 22,171

1995 23,540

1994 22,367

1993 23,701

1992 32,455

1991 36,796

1990 42,496

1989 11,574

The above are sales figures only for the U.S. Other figures floating around on automotive websites appear to include LS400's sold in other markets.

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Verrrryyyyy Innnterestinnnnnggggggggggggg.....

Aren't there around 600,000 Honda Accords sold in a year..........\

.that's like a 100 to 3 ratio -

That's one thing a Lexus dealer was actually correct on - that there are just not many LS's made! :D

(and I"m glad of it :lol: )

Great work Jim!!


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The numbers I provided are "calendar year" sales totals - not model year totals. One can not add up these numbers and determine the number of Gen 1, 2, 3 models sold.

The total for calendar year 1994 includes sales of both model year 1994 Gen 1 and model year 1995 Gen 2. The total for calendar year 1997 includes sales of both model year 1997 Gen 2 and model year 1998 Gen 3.


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