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'96 Es Coach...more Questions

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As some may already know I just purchased a '96 ES300 Coach Edition for my wife. There is just a few small issues with the car that I would like to take care of.

First of all there is a couple of bulbs burnt our behind the Radio and A/C controls. Does anyone know how to get this fixed? It is a small thing but still irritating. If anyone has a DIY solution that would be great. We all know service prices on things like this will kill ya.

Also on the door panels around the switches there is wood trim that needs to be replaced. I know there is a number of companies that make wood trim kits, but I was curious if anyone knows of a particular place that has a good match to the factory wood. If at all possible I would still like to door panel wood to match the wood on the console.

Well that's all for now....Thanks in advance for any help.

Dave :)

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