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Power Antenna, Volume Knob Problems


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Hello, My name is Brian, and i just bought a 92 Es300 yesterday! I am so excited, as it is a vast improvement over my 90 Mercury Cougar!!

It came with a couple flaws, that are annoying, but not major.

The first is that the antenna is bent at the bottom, and goes up and down, but stays up about 4 inches. I would really like to fix this, but I am not sure if I need the whole assembly, or just the mast.

Also, the volume knob on the stereo is loose. It still works, but you need to turn it about half way around before it starts changing the volume. I am not sure what to do about this, and the dealership said I needed to have them take it out and send it in, which would cost $485 dollars!! There must be an easier way to fix it, whether it be take off the knob, or glue it or something. I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS ONE, AS IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME!!

Also, the leather is all hard and cracked. Is there anything I can do besides just using leather cleaner and conditioner?

Lastly, the hands on the dials, the red ones, are shorting out, the sort of fade from red to black intermittenly, and I don't know what to do about this. Any thoughts?

Thanks everybody for your help with this. I will be sure to use the forum for years to come!

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Welcome to the Club!!

all the things you've listed are the most common problems with the first-gen ES3.

for the antenna, i would suggest just getting an entire new unit. i have problems with mine as well. haven't changed it yet. it gets stuck about one section from the top and the motor won't keep going. something's stuck in there, or something got bent and won't let it through.

for the volume knob, there's nothing you can really do, unless you're willing to rip apart the entire radio unit and solder it. i had the same problem. actually it's still there. me and my bro tried fixing it from the outside, but it only made things worse, so our last choice is rip the thing apart carefully and resolder a wire, or get a brand new headunit (which is what i'm leaning towards).

there isn't too much to do about the leather. there are some people i know that find seats from wrecked ES's and buy them off as parts and just install them in place of the original seats. not too much of a trouble, and it makes things ncier too.

as for the needles, almost every ES goes through that problem. there really isn't much you can do about it, rather than designing your own way of lighting up the cluster, getting a new/used cluster, or doing the new Lexus Dash thing. it's quite expensive. i just live with it. guesstimate the speed and check it on top of the lighted speed numbers.

that's all i can cover. anything else?

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thanks zeta-

For the antenna- I need more than just the mast? I was looking on e-bay and found a mast for 19.99, and the entire assembly for 39.99.

For the seats, up to what year are the sats compatible with the 92s? About how much is just a drivers seat from a yard?

I know to refurbish the unit, Lexus wants $485, but I have seen used units on e-bay for about $200. What years can I get that will fit my ES? How much is a new unit?

How much is a replacement dash/cluster from a yard?

Thanks again.

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the mast can be replaced very easily

go to lexus and get one

for about 20

hold the fm button down and turn the key on at the same time and it will pop out

get someone to stand back there at the same time or it might scratch the paint

then turn the key off when out

to replace just turn the key forward after feeding the teeth back in of the plastic coil in the mast

look to see which way the coil came out to reinstall

the knob you maybe able to find one on ebay for a new deck

do you have a cd changer?

also when you turn it half way does it get vey loud or it is just finally turning the volume up gradually from that point?

( i have an old one that i could probably sell you for parts)

the leather can be reconditioned but the cracks will always be there

i use coco butter works great when i leave it in the sun to soak in 3 times in one week twice a year

the needles are just like that but if you turn the dimmer switch down past the fully on position it usually will stay on instead

good luck and welcome to the club

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I have the one with the changer. I have seen a couple on e-bay, but I am not sure what years will work with my car. Do you know?

Also, the knob. here is the situation: The white part rests at about 7:00 (on a clock), when I turn it up to about 2:00, and therre after, the volume increases like a regular one. It turns down regulary at about 7:00.

The antenna- you think it is just the mast, right. That is what alot of people have been saying, but I want to be positive.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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where does it stop?

sounds like just the plastic button is broken

is there any stattic turning it up

any year deck will work 92-96 with the cd option or else the cd button turns into another fm button so you end up having 2 fm buttons

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There is some static when I turn the knb, but it only affects the volume. Sometimes when i turn it up, the sound will just cut off, but when I move it, it comes back.

What sort of stereo do you have? Is it one with a chnger option?


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yeah, brian, i had the same problem with my radio before it died on me.

the exact same things were occurring. either get a new hu or i guess try and pry it open and fix it.

i haven't done anything to mine yet. it just sort of sits there at the moment. don't really have the funds to get a new hu or anything.


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i have the same one

you actually sound like the problem is dirt or corrosion inside the volume switch

open it up and clean with a q tip with rubbing alcahol

and it should be fine after

while you at it change the bulbs i the deck as well before they go also

if it doesn't work out after than just buy a new deck and get it installed much cheaper than replacing with another stock unit

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So I bought a used working HU from e-bay, but I had a question. What is going to happen with the Radio Code? Don't I need the Radio Code in order to put the radio into my car? What about my old one? When I take it out, it will still work if I sell it, right?


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