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2007 Es350 Nearing 180,000 Miles. What To Expect?

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I purchased my current Ultra-Luxury version of the ES350 in 2009, and think I've become a life-long Lexus driver. I take great care of the car, and other then regular oil changes, tires, brakes, and a few ticky tacky maintenance things like broken locks, burned-out headlight, etc. I've had very few issues.

Now things seem to be popping-up including: "Replace right front inner CV joint boot," and "Replace transmission left axle seal." This is about $700 combined done at the dealership.

I understand that parts and systems break down, though was hoping to drive the car until the end of 2017 (so to about 225,000 miles total - about 179,000 now), before getting into a newer model.

Can anyone speak to what I may expect in the next 12-24 months? What would be other typical items for age/mileage and an approximate associated cost? If every few months is going to bring with it another $500 in repairs, I'm just wondering what makes the best financial sense.

Look forward to your input. Thanks.

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It does sound like the car might be getting to that point where you have to make the call as to whether or not to keep putting more and more money into it or make a change sooner than expected. Personally, I'd move on before too many more expenses.

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Hey Derek,

Seems to me that if you have done regular PM on the car then why not keep driving it until you get the new car itch so bad you can stand it anymore. First thing you need to do is find an unaffiliated Toyota dealership and have them do the work as their attitude and quality is often better than the Lexus places. Yes, Lexus has better coffee but...

Of course it it was me and I depended on the car for secure travel or business, AND if I could afford something newer, I'd be all over that right quick. Clean yours up and roll it while it still has maximum value.

Welcome to the LOC. I have found this to be the best place to discuss Lexus and other car stuff with people who aren't trolls and idiots. Certainly hope you hang around as we all learn from each others experiences.


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In the last 6 months, I invested in a new set of tires and new brakes, along with a $500 repair just so the driver side door unlocks with the key fab (2 other doors won't, and a 3rd does sometimes). That is over $1,200 invested in the last year, thus adding to my desire to hopefully get up to another 2 years.

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Will need spark plugs at 200K. You should be on 2nd ATF flush by then too. Recharge AC. By 150K my wife's 07 ES350 was on it's second radiator; do a pressure test and look for leaks; her's leaked from the upper seal. Her ES350 is also on its second alternator. The decoupler pulley failed; locked up and fried the alternator. This is something not covered in the manual: Gates recommends changing the pulley when replacing the serpentine belt.

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at 150000 mi car had developed a shimmy upon acceleration, mechanic traced it to a upper motor mount, also left CV joint seal ( replaced the whole assembly)...I avoid Lexus as much as possible use local mechanic,. Still have the transmission flare but it hasn't gotten any worse. I do have a problem with my rack and pinion ( loose) but not enough to repair yet. My mechanic says that the car should be good for 300000 mi without major problems. I have to admit I don't pamper the car, just changed the air filter ( previously just vaccummed it off), the original wipers changed at about 140000,mi, still the same spark plugs and wires. New headlight bulbs, tires, batteries, brakes. I change the oil and filter every 5000 mi.

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This is all good info. Since my post, a leak in the CV joint boot on both sides has been identified (around $600 to fix both), and I've been told that ideally the shocks and struts would be replaced (around $1,100 at a non Lexus dealership). I wish the car didn't have so much chipped paint on the hood as I'd feel better about investing this money in fixes. I'd like to drive it another few years. Any input/advice on touch-up painting, or repainting the car?

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No one knows your car better than you and your mechanic; if you used a non-dealer to service your car. The ES 350 and Camrys are built to go well into 300K miles. Here is the deal, given the condition of the car - and if its cosmetically acceptable to you, I'd keep it - sweat the asset till its dead or you don't want to use it for cosmetic reasons.

A new car will cost you a few hundred dollars a month for the next 5 years, if you purchase it and get a 0% or low interest loan. Or pay $ 40K+ out of your pocket OR cough up a few thousand down payment and a few hundred each month if you lease.

Even if you spent $ 2K over the next 24 months by keeping the car, you are still saving a LOT of money. I would keep the car with the proviso that its in decent mechanical and cosmetic condition.

Another thing to consider, the Internet of Things - IoT - is imminent over the next few years; the longer you wait for your new car, the better technologically advanced car you will get. Lane departure warning, collision prevention, broadband connected car with direct google maps etc. etc. will be commonplace before we know it.

Of course if you have money to spare and can afford to change the car every few years, that's a different story :-)


FWIW, I don't drive much. I sold my leased MDX 2/3s of the way through the lease and made money in selling process, saved $ 7K in lease payments. Net-net, saved $ 10K and got an '07 Camry in like-new condition with 54K miles.

Good luck and happy, safe driving!

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      Since last week, as I have been going over speed bumps, I hear a sort of clunk/creak coming from the rear part of my car. I took it to the shop and they said I need new quick struts, sway bar bushing kit (rear), and sway bar link (rear). This (plus labor and wheel alignment) costs $2000 so I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar issue and knows if this is an urgent matter or more of a touch-up type of repair.
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      Needless to say, I will get the tires and brake work done for about half the price at a local shop. They won’t be the premium tires that they are wanting to put on at the dealership, but frankly I don’t care because in a few months it’ll be somebody else’s vehicle. 

      Disappointed. Rant over.
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      -> I tried polishing them already. well it looks like only the right side is still white-ish, while the other side has been quite oxidized (dark appearance). I could see it is actually white light during night time outside the vehicle. But it seems a bit yellowish once you are inside and take it for few rounds. As you mentioned, I used plastic polish.

      -> When I bought off the car, it wasn't originally came pre-installed within. I had to install it by ourselves. Went to independent CNG workshop and have it installed.around $1068 including labor. came with 1 year kit warranty. To be honest, you could see many taxis, even private cars using CNG considering the hikes on gasoline right now here (gas price is updated weekly on Wednesday here.
      -> Guess I mistook AWD -> 4WD. Mine's AWD then. Transmission is U140F.
      -> i had it taken to workshop once, was told by the mechanic power steering fluid..which was due to my failing return hose. not sure about leaks. But right now I do have to check the ATF level i.e every 2 weeks or so, topup about 1.8-2 liters (2.1 quarts in US standard). Weird enough, couldn't locate any ATF dripping. Or did it travel somewhere else ? Or this is normal actually ?
      Oh I'll be sure to clean her throughly before letting her sleep in my mechanic workshops. Planned to have major service on her (leaks, drippings, airflow sensors, etc) as well as have her mount struts changed if required. althought I recenty finished cleaning the throttle body by myself.

      P.S the IACV screws were hard to come off. Untill now I still haven't been able to open them. Seems legit enough for such factory locked screws
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