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The time has come to annouce this years TBKO meet.

The meet will begin on June 11 and continue into June 12.

Friday, June 11

Meet at TBKO at 6:30pm

Convoy to Local Drag Strip, 75-80! We are going to be seeing who is the best driver of their own cars, not to mention, see some bad !Removed! cars!

After the drag strip, we will be attending some local watering holes (Clubs/Bars).

Saturday, June 12

Meet at TBKO at 11 am

We will be seeing some of TBKO's new, innovative and competitive products, Header, Racepipe, Turbo kits, Supercharger kits, not to mention some of the applications on the cars.

Friends and customers of TBKO may also be making a showing, supercharged IS300s, turbo'd IS300s, the new turbo drift kit, possibly some huge HP skylines and competitive drag racing street cars. As well as unveiling their never seen before SICK is300 "supercar"

TBKO may also raffle off some of their new parts like Header/Racepipe combo or other unveiled parts. (provided theres enough interest).

Ladies and gentlemen, this will be the biggest party/meet of the year! Don't miss out. If you have a girlfriend that likes to enter bikini contests, don't forget to bring them, we have something special for them as well!



(TBKO link removed)

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cyphertext69: I have no problem with the announcement of the meet, however the link to TBKO was at this time contrary to forum guidelines. Please review the guidelines and contact me or any member of Forum Adminstration or management if you have any further questions.

Thanks for you help with this matter.


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