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  • Similar Content

    • By CorrosiveSmoke
      I have a 2000 lexus es300 at 136000miles in park or neutral I can rev the car up just fine but when I put it into gear the rpm barely creeps along even with my food to the floor, it gets a little bit better after the car is warmed up but not by much It still takes a minute for it to wind up enough rpm to start accelerating, I know it needs a couple knock sensors. I'm running some Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner through it now. any advice could it be the evap canister or pcv?
    • By kenzotic
      Hello there, I'm new to this site but figured it would be a good place to get some advice. Okay, so I found a 1992 Lexus SC400 with 156k original miles on craigslist for $3500, clean title. I've been doing my research on these cars for awhile and this is the first I've actually found close to where I live. So I went to the guy's house earlier today to check it out and it seems really nice. It seems to have been decently taken care of, has originally red paint that has no clear coat peeling and only a couple tiny dings in the body. Also has moisture in the driver's side headlight but not a big deal at all. Overall I'd give the exterior about an 8/10. Interior is also really nice, only a few small tears in the driver's side seat, broken door handle, and a few of the gauge cluster needles are blacked out, I've heard this is common on these cars. Car also has a new exhaust system on it that is quiet at low rpms, but comes alive at higher rpms, which is perfect in my opinion. So besides what I've already listed, the only other flaws are that it could use new tires soon, the left-hand turn signal bulb needs to be replaced, and the brakes felt a little spongy, probably just from the brakes needing to be bled. Luckily, the dude said he would give it to me for $3k. So, is $3000 for this car a good deal? Any problems I should watch out for with this mileage? Any insight is much appreciated, and feel free to ask questions, I'll answer what I know! I'll upload what pictures I have of it c:

    • By brodyandreu
      I have my 1994 Lexus Sc400. The issue I am having is that the electrical is not completely going through the whole vehicle causing only a few things to work in the vehicle (headlights, simple lights, and the horn. Nothing else will show, not even the dash lights.) How can I solve this problem. I have already checked the fuses, and they all seem to be in okay shape. Please help me.
    • By Layell
      So a few years ago, my mom gave me her 2005 RX330. It's always been garage kept and still looks new. It's got 95k miles on it and until now has never had a problem. I recently noticed the steering wheel was making a funny noise and turns out I've got a power steering leak...it needs a new rack and pinion, a $1,000 fix.
      I told my parents about it and my dad made me an unexpected offer. My parents are retiring and going from 4 vehicles to 2. He said if I didn't want to shell out the money for the repair, he would trade his car for mine: a 2013 Toyota Avalon, and he would sell my RX. So the Avalon is 8 years newer than the RX. However, it has 83k miles already from weekly out-of-state business commutes. But aside from the high mileage, it's in great shape and never had any problems.

      I'm really torn. Both are very sharp looking cars, both black on black. I've always loved my Lexus and at first couldn't imagine parting with it. But last weekend I drove the Avalon quite a bit and have to admit it definitely is more fun to drive. It also obviously has updated technology. But it's not quite as comfortable as the RX. Does the added status of the Lexus being a luxury car compared to the Toyota kind of become moot given it's 10 years old?

      The fact they're both roughly the same mileage is what's really throwing me for a loop.

      I'm trying to figure out 7-10 years from now which car would have been the smartest choice. And i'm really stumped.

      I would appreciate any advice. Which car would you choose and why?
    • By New to the game
      I have never owned a Lexus, and I am on somewhat of a tight budget, so a friend of mine has helped me to look very closely at a LS400 or LS430
      So, I have found a couple of LS400s with less than 100,000 miles around $10K out the door. That being said, that leaves me with about $4000 dollars left over to "upgrade" the car in order to have some more modern technology and whatever else that would be nice to add or upgrade to the vehicle.
      Also, I have found a few LS430s between $19K and $24K. Some of the 430s have all kinds of upgrades and has perfect service records with relatively low mileage (70k) those are the ones around $24K. The ones around $19K are around 100K miles and have just the basic standard equipment (no nav/Bluetooth/backup camera).
      So I am debating on what to do, what is the best package for the money. I don't want to be upside down at the end of the day, but I do want the most I can get out owning a Lexus.
      Thus, I have opened this feed to hear as much advise as possible ranging from interior/exterior/under the hood/and whatever you think is good information. I'm all ears!