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2004 Rx330 Dash Lights Coming On Randomly

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Sometimes when driving, it might be right after I accelerate (but only sometimes), my dash lights come on as shown in the attached image and stay on until the car is shut down (then they are off when the car is started again). This problem doesn't seem to affect anything else, it is simply the lights coming on. I'd appreciate any advice anyone has on what the issue might be!




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Hello, I just picked up 2005 RX330, 74k miles, and have the SAME ISSUE...

For the record the following lights stay on :

ABS, BRAKE, VSC, TPMS blinks - .


I KNOW this is a code being thrown, but have any members had the SAME issue with resolution? I have heard faulty wheel speed sensors, brake switch, up to ABS ACTUATOR, even low power steering fluid! ( LEXUS has repaired free for some buyers bad ABS actuators due to widespread failure (& per warranty!) ALL could be cause...

Again if members driving 2004-2005 RX 330 drivers have had these codes thrown:

WHAT WAS END RESULT(diagnosis/cost?)

Seems this is a quite common fault thrown by these models

Battery checked, brake ok, tires ok, fluids checked.

Would like an idea, as car is new to me and need an idea what I have gotten into-before LEXUS runs a diagnostic... ANY HELP appreciated

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Battery was checked and was I am still scratching my head. Vehicle going to LEXUS SERVICE and will get pulley inspected/fixed? (per safety recall) +a "free checkup"

If the code(s) is active, I'll have LEXUS decipher it, but its an intermittent issue and must be present at time of scan. Knowing my LUCK it'll be off at time of appointment!

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I have a 2005 RX and am experiencing the same thing - same warning lights as listed earlier in this thread. They come in randomly and go away when the car is restarted. My battery is fine. There is no obvious mechanical issues. I recently had the spark plugs replaced. I plan to get the car inspected further to figure why it happens. 

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Are the battery posts' connections tight? Have you checked for any loose ground connections?

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