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Looking For A Gs400

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Hi, my name is Nick, I'm new here at this forum. I currently own an acura legend and I'm in the process of selling it to buy a 1998 GS400 (Black/oak, 44K, HID, Nak. private $23,000). I test drove it the other day and I must say it is an excellent car overall. I just have a couple of questions. How can I tell besides the GS400 badge on the trunk lid that it is a genuine GS400 and not a 300? I have never seen the engine bay of the 300 to tell the difference from the 400. During my test drive I realized it was quick but I didn't know if it felt like a 5.8 sec. 0 - 60 mph car. Do the newer models have stereo controls on the steering wheel or is there pretty much just the electronic shift buttons "up" and "down" on there? What are the differences if any between the 1998/1999/2000/2001 GS 400's? Lastly, is there anything you would advise me to look out for when looking at this type of car before buying it. Sorry for all the questions, please help.



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If its a 98 and it has those shift buttons its a GS400, those weren't available until 2001, when oddly enough the GS300 got them and the GS430 no longer did!

They're great cars but I will offer you one peice of advice, check the production date, if its an early production 98 then you may wish to look elsewhere, 98 was the first year for the GS400 and there were some teething problems.

Basically between 98-00 there weren't many changes, just small things here and there. In 2001 the GS got a mild refresh with some new interior peices, new headlamps and grille, new taillights and wheels. The 400 engine was also increased to the 430 that is also in the LS430 and SC430.

You can take the VIN # to a Lexus dealer to see if its been serviced by Lexus.

Good luck!

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The GS300 will have an inline 6 cylinder. And it looks just like that. The engine bay won't be filled up but I don't know what kind of bueaty covers they had on that model. I'd sell that cover stuff anyways. But that is just me. The GS400 will have a V8, the whole engine bay will be filled up with motor and components. That's the best way I could describe it to a person unfamiliar with the difference between an inline and v block.

General rules for looking at a used car apply. Feel free to share tricks. I usually inspect headlights, undercarraige, hinges, engine seals, cleanliness, paint, and ask the owner/seller a lot of questions.

Some general info that might help

Welcome. We are still building a member base and positive participation is very valuable while negative participation does not allow the distinction that is desired of a quality owner's club. Good luck to you. Feel free to pm me with any questions.

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i am also another new kid on the block :D

please also check the Carfax....get the vin # and find out the history of it. also, with the 98. it should be a self leveling HID headlight system. there should be an emergency kit in the trunk, the tire size would be 225 not 215(unless it's a 17"wheel" ) . well i own one but still feel like i live in the dicovery channel. just pop any questions that you might have....i'll do my best....


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