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General Driving Question - Es350

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I have a general driving question. I currently have a 2010 ES350 and used to have a 2001 ES300. I live in an area
with plenty of small to steep hills and valleys. In order to save wear and tear on my brakes, I often shift from D to 4th, 3rd, and sometimes 2nd gear while traversing the hills. I was able to get 180,000 miles on my 2001 ES300 using this driving technique never having any transmission problems, and didn’t even change the transmission fluid.

Am I hurting the transmission by driving in this manner or should I continue this method?

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I don't know about wear and tear on the transmission, but the old saying goes "it's cheaper to replace brakes than transmissions. Hopefully someone will weigh in on your question.

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I was thinking the same thing LexBob, but I really don't see the harm in downshifting, especially if you have paddle shifters. I don't see where it would be any difference in downshifting for a hill or a tight curve.

I have the same situation on a piece of road I travel almost daily. It is a long slight decline in a 40 mph speed trap. I used to ride my brake all the way down till I figured that a ticket was probably a lot cheaper than a brake job.

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