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First off, I just want to say that I really love what you guys have going on here. really wish I had stumbled here a long time ago. I have found out so much about my by just reading the different forums. I have owned my 1999 GS300 for close to a year now. No major problems sof ar with car besides a few problems with the way the car shifts. Luckily, after going through a few forums that have been posted, I have rectified my problem. Now i am looking for mods advice from those who know.

So far I have done a few thing with my A/ can check me out at car domain under MonStarr's Lex.

I put 2 T.V's in the head rest, an Alpine head unit with flip up screen, a panasonic D.V.D. player in the glove box, 2 12" JBL 1600's in a throw in box (for now), a Concept 2400 amp, and an Alpine 360 watt on the factory mid's and hi's...

Now I want to add perormance. I ordered a Dragon intake along wit the Ram Air attachment and cold air box. The only thing is that I was sent the wrong model intake so I haven't gotten to experience it just yet. The following are items that I am intrested in but need guidance on finding them for good prices...

Exhaust: I want it loud and low!!! i love the deep, throaty rumble of aftermarket exhaust, not to mention I don't like choking my engine. I do realize that I have a I6 under there, but I would like to open that hidden roar.

Headers: I really have no clue of a good brand out there :blushing:

Lights: Here is another area that I am lost in. I would like to find some for the front tha have a slight greenish hue

Chip: After I get the car breathing right...I want everything clicking on the same page.

Rims: I am in desperate need of rims for my car. I will accept nothing but 20". No less. I am just not sure of the optimal size and offsets for my car.

Well, I thinmk that is it for now...unless the commmunity has any suggestions for me ;)

I would greatly appreciate help from you all out there.


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Well, here's some answers to your questions about performance mods..

With the Exhaust, if you want loud and low then you can go with the Greddy PE cat-back.. It's the loudest around.. Also my ApexI World Sport cat-back it pretty loud and low too..

As for Headers, if you hold tight for a month or so I'm working with the people at Quest-Power in Japan to have something developed for my GS and if it works out I'll be selling them for the GS3's...

Lights, those greenish ones that you are talking about are factory headlights sold through Lexus on 02-03 GS's.. Now if you can deal with the light housings you have know, just add some hid's.. Philips is what I use and most people would agree that they are one of the best if not the best.. With those you have your color choice, you can get white/blueish (4100K), White with a tad of purple (6000K), and Blue (8000K).. They all look nice but the 8000K aren't as bright as the other 2...

Now with the chip, since you are putting in the WR intake I'd suggest you talk to them about getting their piggyback ecu..

For the rims, this is where your gonna love me.. I am the Eastcoast distributor for Work Wheels and I'm about to have a summer sale just for LOC members.. Take alook around the site and let me know if there's anything you like.. I have Work Rezaxx II 3pc. on my GS.. And those rims are bullet proof.. I'm not kidding..

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I checked the Work Wheels website and saw only 2 models.

Isn't there more styles on some other website?

Do you also have price list or if not, price range for those wheels?

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IS that only 2 models that you liked or just 2 models that was on the page?? Here's another link to Work Wheels, this page has their whole lineup.. As for price list if you tell me what wheel you like I'll give you the price.. Also, if you click on where it says download it'll pull up their price list and wheel size chart.. Also, I'm starting a pre-summer sale on all Work Wheels with a 20% discount.. So let me know what you like and I'll let you know final price..

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There was only 2 model from the link on your previous msg wchih I didn't like.

I just checked the other site with whole lineup, and there are so many that looks good.

I have never changed wheels before, and this might by a silly question.

Does any wheel on the site work for GS400 as long as the size is what I want (18")? Or do I need to know the exact offset for certain model?

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Mr are right, I do love you (don't tell anyone :blushing: ) First off, thank you for your reply. You have led me down the right road.

I went and checked out the website and I fell in love with LS 305's. I was amped to see them on that black GS on there. Like I mentioned before I want 20" and as chromed out as they get. I am curious as to know a price for them (with that discount of course :D ). Also, is that a rim/tire package? Please let me now what my options are.

As far as the exhaust...why did you go with ApexI instead of GReddy?

Do you know how much those 02-03 headlights cost? The reason why I wanted green is to match the color of my car. Do you know if they have green HID's?

Called weapon R folks and the intake/ecu thing is straight.

Lastly, please keep me posted on those headders when you hear back from your people.

--MonStarr :ph34r:

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