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Hey guys

I recently purchased a 2002 Is 300 charcoal color. And its really good drive. I have a few questions. THe dealer was saying something about the power button which gives more power but also uses more fuel...what is that ...does it really work? And i wanted to know how to improve the sound system cause it doesnt have the base that id like...i want to do it without adding big bulky 12' subs...any suggestions? I also wanted to get a lip added to the front and the that a good idea?

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Awesome. Any idea that you think will make your car look good and you feel good looking at it is a good idea.

I like the IS with a body kit. As for a rear lip, are you talking on the trunk, like a lip spoiler or are you talking like a skirt. If you do the skirt, then you should (IMHO) do the whole car all the way will look odd if you only lip the front and back. The sides won't be even.

check out the thread sponsor for a lip spoiler.....they look really cool. Add a rear window spoiler to match. Make it really hot and add headlight eyebrows.

remember, the mods are done when you run out of money. :blink: (just kidding)

have a blast.......and always post a pic to show what you've done. Try setting it up in the garage.


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