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Trunk Release For 2004 Es330 Not Working

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I have a 2004 ES330 and the trunk release (either from inside the car
or from the key fob) isn't working. I have already checked the "over
ride" switch in the glove box. If I place my ear next to the trunk
(around the license plate), I can hear a clicking noise inside, however,
the trunk doesn't release. The emergency trunk release inside the
trunk still works (it is a pain lowering the back seat arm rest and
using a long broom hand to flip the emergency release).

I have checked online and the trunk release mechanism (P/N 646003311-0) is $291.65. My question is, "Could there be anything else that could possibly be broken"? What else
do I need to check? Any help is appreciated....



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Pull down the inner trunk lid cover to access the locking mechanism. Then try lubricating the latch assembly with a spray can of white lithium grease. Place the shaft of a screw driver in the latch mechanism and push up into the latch to lock it. Then, while someone triggers the trunk unlock switch, pull down on the latch with the screw driver shaft to open it.

After several cycles of doing this, you may be able to free up the latch assembly, such that the solenoid may be able to open it on its own when you press the trunk unlock switch.

As well, put a multimeter on the contacts of the harness that goes to the solenoid and have someone press the trunk unlock switch. You should get a full 12 volts. If after cleaning the contacts and placing the connector back onto the solenoid, you still can't unlock the latch, the solenoid may be bad.

If this doesn't do the trick, because you hear the solenoid click when you press the switch but it still won't unlock, replace the solenoid. I'd get a used one (or the entire lock assembly as well) from a wrecking yard. Good Luck!

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