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60,000 Major Service

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hi there,

got a 2001 IS300 with 61,500 miles. The local Lexus dealership mentioned that I needed to have the 60,000 mile major service performed asap. I gasped at the $1,200 service charge they want to charge me...doesn't seem like they won't be doing a whole lot to the car to warrant charging that much..anyone go through this major service ? or should it just be skipped? any words of advice? thanks folks!!

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don't skip it. It is a critical one.

Are you good with a wrench?

Most of this stuff can be done by yourself in the drive way if you any inkling of what to do under the hood.

The hardest ones would be the brake fluid, coolant and tranny/diff flush and fill.

look around you area for a reputable Lexus independent mechanic and see what they give you for pricing.

My 90k is about $1200, my 60k is in the ballpark of $700 at a Lexus dealership. I've got an 2002 ES. I am really leaning to doing most of the 60k myself.


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The 60K for my LS400 runs $580 @ dealership...

The service is basically all filters & fluids:

Oil & filter

Tranny Pan drain only (2+ qts)

Diffy Gear oil change (1.43 qts) 80-90W

Brake fluid flush

coolant drain and fill

Air filter

Cabin Filter

Fuel Filter

I did it all myself except for the Fuel filter.....a messy job....indep lexus shop changed it for $95...well spent as I watched the procedure! So, I did it for around $230 total and saved $$$$.

Now, your service may include new plugs. (mine aren't due until 90K). These are very DIY'er also....but you need a torque wrench.

It also may include the TIMING BELT, WATER PUMP, and their peripherals....This is a major job and you should be experienced for this!!!

Get a printout from dealer on exactly what they do and see what you think you could do....know a friend who is mechanically inclined to help.....???

But, if you're not sure about it....go to dealer or indep shop ;)


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thanks steviej and 99lsguy for sending me your good advice.. I'll chat with the Lexus technician. I'll probably sell the car before the 90,000 service..Peace!

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