Heated Seat Buttons Not Illuminating

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I have a 2000 LS 400. On the top of the wood console (below the radio) there are 3 buttons, 2 Heated Seats (left and right) and the VSC off button.

At night, when I turn on my lights, only the far right heated seat button illuminates. The left one does not. Neither does the VSC button.

Note when the buttons are depressed, they function fine.

Is there a replaceable bulb in there... or does the button/switch need to be replaced?


See attached pictures...


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OK. I took the wood panel off and reconnected the plug. That got the left light to turn on now.

Anyone know if the VSC button is supposed to light?

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Yes, the VSC button is supposed to light. I didn't find diagrams showing replaceable bulbs or diodes on but that doesn't mean much. I've never heard of these buttons failing to light. Can you see a bulb or diode behind the buttons when you remove the wood console panel? Is there any sign of light in the VSC off button if you turn up the dash light rheostat to the highest brightest level?

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