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2015 - Bluetooth Microphone

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Hi all - I've just purchased a 2015 ES350, and one thing we've noticed is that the microphone for my bluetooth does not work well. I use the bluetooth / phone in my car quite a bit, and don't have any issues with the sound quality when my phone is connected in my husband's car (a honda) or my old car (an acura). But in my ES, the sound quality is so poor that people I call can't hear me clearly enough to understand what I am saying (volume isn't an issue, it is sound quality). I hear the people I'm calling just fine, so it isn't a connection problem - it seems to just be my microphone out. I checked with my dealership, but they didn't have a solution (they noted that they get complaints on this though). Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix?

Thanks in advance.


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Ask your Lexus dealer to increase the microphone sensitivity setting in the hidden service menu. Do not attempt to access the hidden service menu yourself since significant damage can be done if you don't know what you are doing. But it could also be a defective microphone causing the problem.

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I purchased a 2015 es350 which is my 5th Lexus. While callers can hear me fine .... I can barely understand what they are saying g do to poor sound quality. Dealer doesn't have any answer so hoping someone in the forum has a suggestion. Thanks for any ideas.

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