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Fuel Injectors & Insulating Caps

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When I removed the fuel injectors from the intake manifold, the insulating piece that covers most of the tip, were gone. They’re very brittle. The donut type seal that sits on the insulating cap are very hard and melded together with the insulating cap.

My Lexus part’s guy told me that the cap is part of the injector and cannot be purchased separately. !%!@#$!@#$ THAT’S CRAZY, I CAN’T BUY NEW INJECTORS JUST TO GET THOSE CAPS!!

Does anyone know where I can get new caps?


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Here's the site where you can get rebuilt injectors.

The following site is where I'm sending mine to be tested, cleaned & repaired. Most places wanted $25 an injector, this one's only $11.


Mine total came to $99.30, that's a lot better than new ones for $180 a piece!

Hope this helps someone.


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Did you ever get your injectors cleaned? Is so, how would you rate the service. I am about to send mine. Please let me know

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