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Steering Column Noise


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Anyone else having issues with steering column on Rx 350? We heard strange noise with steering. Brought our 2010 Rx350 to dealer who recommended replacing steering column at a cost of over $2400.

We cannot get a straight answer from Lexus- is this expensive repair just to quiet the noise or I'd it a true safety issue? And if it is a safety issue- why won't Lexus cover the needed repair? Car also drifts to the left. Although we've been Lexus owners for 5 vehicles this may be our last . Quality and service seem to be on the decline.

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Do you have a update on this problem?

My steering also had noise.  It's like two plastic parts are contacting each other.  It only noticeable when car is stopped, and you move the steering wheel 1 inch to left.  My mechanic told me that the left CV drive shaft need to be replaced due to rust.  So it's a little loose play.  Not yet a safety issue.  If I hear a clunking noise, then I will have it replaced.

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