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Please Help: Vsc Off Vsc/ Abs Light Came On


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I recently bought a sc430...The car needed struts so instead of buying some oem struts for 600 I purchase a set of coilovers. My friend and installed them at a shop. When we finished I back the car up and noticed the vsc off, vsc, and abs light were on the dash. I thought maybe the car needed to recalibrate itself so I took it around the block...nope didn't help. I did some research and found this and tried

1. discounting the battery

2. jumping the "tc cg" with a wire

3. zero calibration reset

still no help

I talked to my friend who is a tech at acura and he said check my wheel sensor but I told him I didnt unplug anything during the install

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71 views and no reply...well has anybody dropped there car with springs or coilovers and had no issues with these lights. I read one person drop their car and the lights came on but that thread was 4 years old and should no results in solving the issue.

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