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Hi All,

New to this forum, just wondering if any of you guys are here in Southern Cali like me. I am planing to buy a 03 GS300 and was wondering if any of you guys can share your buying experience and give e an idea how much you guys pay for your cars.



If you are in Souther Cali. Contact Todd Minette at Lexus fo Westminster. He is fair. He is a fleet guy so he does not pressure you into sales like a normal sales guys does. His number is 714-892-6906.

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I do not know if you purchased your car or not but Francois M. Atallah Fleet manager for Lexus of Riverside can give you a great deal. He is also the Fleet Manager so he can give you a good price with no hagle. Tell him a friend of Marty sent you he will treat you like royalty. :P

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