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467Hp All-New 2016 Lexus Gs F

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I would probably like to have this car for about a week, or maybe for a couple of specific road trips. Otherwise, what do you do with 467 hp? More than one automotive journalist has referred to the BMW M-series as "high-strung," a term I have used with some cars myself. No doubt, in true Lexus fashion, some of the "high-strung" quality will have been refined out of the GS-F. But I'm not sure where I'd use that capability most of the time, given that my GS provides more performance than I generally need to call on.

My guess is that we are talking about a handful of cars to pin the F's performance chops among our more serious enthusiasts, and to maybe allow some track showings that help establish Lexus as a member of the high-performance auto club. Most folks will say "wow," head for the dealership, and drive home in the current choices.

Can't say I like the busy rear-end treatment with the four exhausts, and that blue is deal killer for me, but I presume there will be other colors.

But, give me an hour with the car at Road Atlanta, and I'm your man! Lexus mgmt, do you want my cell phone number?

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Probably the end of the line for these normally aspirated 5.0L V8's is my guess (what I mean is these GS's and RC's will be the last gen of Lexus cars with this particular engine), to be enjoyed while we can....

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