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94 Ls 400 Sound


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Ok guys. I have read many things in the forum about stereo's and speakers but I need to know.

94 LS 400

1) Speakers for the front---100.00 or more

2) back speakers---100.00 or more

I will replace radio later and I also sub woofer

Any suggestions would be great!!!! :cheers::cheers::cheers:

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its a hard question to eb honest with you, it all depends on how you like your music. i think 5 and 1/4 speakers will do but i'm not sure. there has been couple of threads on speaker replacement. just search for it. i personally would recommend pioneer brand for speakers and MTX or rockford for the sub. ive used this mix in couple of my previous cars and i was happy.

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Wes re your '94 LS400 audio system the stock door speakers are 4.5" and the subwoofer is 8". You didn't mention if it was premium (Pioneer) or Nakamichi. If you decide to change out of the stock system be prepared to spend some serious $$$ to get better sound due to the complicated design of the LS400. If you have the basic premium sound system (Pioneer) you could upgrade to a Lexus Nakamichi system for less money then aftermarket. IMO the only aftermarket headunit that looks compatable with the LS400 dash is the Nakamichi units, all the others look totally out of place but each to his own. Advise you read a lot of posts in the audio section to see what other LS400 owners experiences have been.

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Thanks Guys. Replaced the 4.5 with 5 1/4 Polks and it sounds great.

Polks in the rear as well. Next thing is sell the Nakamichi head unit so I can replce the amp and upgrade the sub in the back.Anyone know what those units go for. Premium head unit.

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So far, and I am still new at this Lexus stuff, I have found a good gauge for price on our vehicles is at There might be more, and no doubt someone else will point you to it. But check that site, just enter Lexus LS400 in the serch field and sit back and browse to your hearts content. You might want to choose completed auctions to see what the hardware you are looking for has sold for.

best to you :D

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Kenaty Writes:

"I got the same thing today. I wanna change only the deck today but the

factory AMP never response. mine is the Nakamichi sound sys. I was

wondering if anyone have the experince of changing the deck only? if it's

possible only change the deck and run it through the factory AMP?

NOW i wanna change to a alpine Deck. but there still a new 04 Nakamichi

deck available there, if the new Nakamichi will run through my sound




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