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'96 Fog Lamps And Tailights


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Hey all,

As stated in a previous post, I'm also interested in looking for mods for my '96 ES. Since I don't intend on finding too many parts, some of the things I am interested in relate to the cosmetic look of the car. Primarily, I'm interested in the fog lamps and the tailights.

Here are my ???s:

Fogs: I like the style of the foglights from the 92-94 (i think i have the years right) ES when they were "bulby" vs. the squares on my car. Anyone know why they changed this?! I think the older one's look better... If I'm able to find a set of the old ones, will they fit/work on the 96 model?

Tailights: Where can I find replacement taillights for the 96 ES? I'm trying to find the ones that are clear where the stock ambers are...

Thanks in advance! I love this forum. You guys/gals know soooo much! :)

btw... i just bought this '96 ES less than a week ago for one HELLUVA deal!!! It had 99K miles on it and the interior is unbelievably immaculate. There are no signs of wear anywhere.. carpet was clean, leather unworn... not even the radio or climate control buttons were faded. Took the car in to get inspected and serviced... with the exception of the standard fluids flush and fluids (radiator, transmission, oil, etc...) change, everything was in perfect working order. My neighbor thought I had purchased a brand new car... his jaw dropped when I filled him in. Anyway, got the CARFAX... not a single accident... Completely happy with the car and the opportunity to meet you all on the board! I'll post pics when I figure out how to do it on this message board. :D

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congrates on the new car and the great deal you seem to have found

and you are dead on on the 92-94 years with projectors

no idea why they changed them ( but i don't find them any good except for the look of them,no help in fog like most fogs are anyway)

the fogs will bolt right in if you get the mounts with the older style i am not sure if they come with them new from the dealer

the grille is also different but is under 100 for a new round fog one

i took my projectors out and replaced them with a 95-96 style fogs and grille but mine amber since it is less reflective on droplets or moisture ( fog)

i also made a custom bracket to hold it out of aluminum

i still have my old ones they were used for 3 years and sat in a box since i had the car in 97 ( i have a 94)

not sure if you are looking to buy that sytle or the oem ones

the tails are custom

people basically heat the whole light in the oven and pry it open remove the orange lens and put it back together

make sure you remove the liscence plate lights on each as they will melt ( i speak from my own stupidity)

good luck and have fun

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Exactly! lol.. i mean its my es, i pay for it. But if he goes to put a roast in the oven and my lamps are on the rack???? Oh... wait! we have a double oven.. ill just use the bottom oven and he can use the top one, he will have NO idea :lol: Like Magic :magic: Problem solved!

ProZac :P :blink: B)

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