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1997 Lx 450 Electrical Problem

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I have a 1997 lx 450 that is giving me problems. after driving the car with the headlights off, i stop and turn the car off... and suddenly the headlights and/or foglights and the tail lights turn on.

recently returned from the lexus dealer. they did not experience the problem so it was difficult for them to identify what was causing it. they suggested i remove the headlight fuse the next time it happened... thinking they could fix it if that shut the lights off... but i did remove the fuse and the lights remained on.

i am currently carrying a wrench in the car to disconnect the battery when this happens.

please help!!

thank you.

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Check the head lights relay and see if it works OK. Maybe it got stuck in the ON position for some reason?

Check the little red alarm light and see if it flashes when the problem occurs. It yes, it may be related to the alarm system.

Usually, when you have the head lights' switch on, ignition off, driver side door open, the head lights should turn off by themselves. Maybe your car has the logic problem, short with that part of the system.

Check the door switch also (dom light on/off OK when door is opened?). I would think that it's linked to the system that I mentioned above.


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