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Replacing A Pioneer Radio Tuner Control Module # 86180-50110


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I have a 2001 Lexus LS 430 that has a corroded circuit board & the whole unit needs to be replaced.

My Lexus dealer says this item is now discontinued, but I have located a brand new model from a dealer in Florida wanting to dispose of old inventory. The problem is this unit model is one digit higher than mine. (68181-50111). my car was manufactured in 6/2000 & the model 86180-50110 was installed in cars made until 6/2001. this newer model was installed in cars made from 7/2001 to 6/2002. my question is will this model 86180-50111 work in my car?

Can anyone give me the answer?

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Welcome Duddy,

I do not know the answer but that won't stop me from offering some advice. ;)

The model number is one higher so it may just be a revision with bug fixes. I suspect it will work in your car but, again, do not know for sure.

Why don't you work a deal with the Fl guy and see if you can either get a price reduction or guarantee that it will work or you money back (or both)? How much is he wanting for this newer tuner module? Is it worth a gamble? Depending upon the price, I would be inclined to say 'yes'.

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