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95 Ls 400 Heater Blower Not Working

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Welcome, Michael. Take a deep breath...feel better? Doesn't work for me either! ^_^

Lets try to recap your experience. You smell smoke and the blower motor is not working. So you replace the motor. Is that about right?

I do not like the sounds of wire splicing because you should just have to remove a connector and plug in the new motor. No splicing required.

This is going to take some patience and a good amount of sleuthing to get to the root cause. Are you ready? Cuz I am not. About the closest diagrams that I have are from a 92 LS400 and I am hoping it did not change too much in 95. But it might have.

Let's just say that there are a lot more things to go wrong than the motor and maybe the burning smell was not the motor. So, we start with the motor. Will the old motor run if you momentarily connect the +(pin 2) to pos. 12v and - (pin 1) to ground?

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