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Car Revs And Dies

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Having a problem with my 2000 ES 300; 68k miles. I bought the car used about 8 months ago and had and a problem right away. The car, while in park, would rev up to 3000 rpms and die right away upon trying to start it. I took the car in, and was told that the valve body had deposits; it was cleaned and the car ran great for about the last 7 months.

Unfortunately, the problem has again surfaced. My wife had taken the car 2 weeks ago to a drive-thru car wash with an underbody spray that shoots water to the underside of the body. Could there be a problem if water was sprayed from the underside into the hood portion. If so, wouldn't the parts be dry by now, thus causing no further problems.

Has anyone experienced this problem in the past. Could it be a sensor problem. Is it indeed the deposits? Need help.

Thanks in advance for your insights/help.


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welcome to the club!

if it is the same problem you had before and they fixed it saying it was deposits then its most likely the same thing again.i never heard of it before personally.usally its a sensor or the car need a tune up.

as for under carrige cleaning i doubt that coused your problem but some times water can cause rust and then some elctrical parts wont make contact and that can cause problems.if possible just check under the car and under the hood for any rust around any electrical components.if nothing then take to the mechanic for the codes to be read and see if anything comes up.pepboys will do it for free.good luck

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