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Ignition Coils: To By Aftermarket Or Not?


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Hello All,

So I have been looking at replacing ignition coils on my 2002 Lexus RX300. Found a few places including my local Lexus dealer who wanted $110 each. The Lexus Dealer part is made by Denso. The links below found parts for various amounts. Anybody have any excperience with buying ignitoin coils from other manufacturers:

1) Denso Sprk Plugs from Ebay: $65.95 each.


2) Genesis Auto Parts is the store and Brand Name is :Silla: It is after Market Part and is for $16.49 each. However shipping for 6 of these is $48... They ship these indvidually. Go figure...

3) Denso spark Plugs from Local Lexus Dealer: $110 each.

Any suggestions or experience my fellow Lexus Users may have would be greatly appreciated.


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I would personally stick with Denso, as for source check Sewell Lexus, Rockauto.com, and Any other source....However like posted above, I wouldn't change unless you have a problem. The spark plugs only NGK or Denso Iridium plugs only...Do not Buy Bosch.....

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Hi Eugene S,

It is the coils and the plugs I seek to replace. I had the misfortune of a coil blowing out on me along with the spark plug which dropped debris in the cylinder and blew out my engine. I spent approx $5K on a new engine +labor. Right before that had happened, the car had exhibited some symptoms of hesitation while accelerating, having trouble starting (stuttering and sputtering) intermittently. Offcourse when it starts up, it works fine. Now the same symptoms have reappeared, The gas mileage has dropped too by 2 MPG. At the time of the engine change we changed the plugs but only replaced the failing coil.

Hi Lenore,

Denso is what I ordered. i am glad I did as you suggested that same brand.



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