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Parts '97 Sc300


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So I wrecked my sweet '97 SC300 this past fall :cries:

I have a few SC300 odds 'n ends in my garage that wont do me any good now; perhaps you can use them:

-4 snow tires mounted on original OEM Lexus wheels ($250 + Sh)

Used but decent tread remains.

chrome is flaking, but I used them only in the winter

-original OEM in-dash audio control module (fully functional, all panel lights work!) ($75 +Sh)

-right front headlamp.. not pristine but decent ($50 + sh)

Details at this site:


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Tires aren't bad... definitely a few more winters left in them. I used them for three years - winters only. Stored them covered and indoors for the other three seasons.

Wheels... Well, they are original OEM chrome plated wheels; almost 20 years old now. The plating began to flake years ago. So if you're looking for sharp wheels to adorn your classic SC, these are not your choice. But if you're looking for winter rat wheels to drag through the salt and the grime so that your sharp wheels stay sharp for the other three seasons each year, these will do the job.

Shipping cost to Canada?? I have no idea. But if you're seriously interested, I'll investigate options.

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