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Loud Rubbing Sound When Making Left Turns On 04 Rx330

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I've searched through several Lexus forums and haven't been able to find a close-enough situation so I'm posting this one here. I've got a pretty significant rubbing sound that occurs only when making soft or sharp left hand turns. Most noticeably, when turning out of the driveway, in parking lots - slow speed turns. Noise doesn't happen at faster speeds. I've recently had the timing belt, water pump and accessory belts replaced and before that, no sound. It's not the tires rubbing on the inner fender. The mechanic seems to think that the power steering belt might be getting pushed into a cover very close to the belt. Any ideas or suggestions from anyone having had a similar problem would be greatly appreciated. 2004 RX330 - 150K miles.

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Did you hear the sound on your way home from having your vehicle serviced? I would have taken my vehicle back at my earliest convenience to let them troubleshoot the issue. Of course, it could be a coincidence, but let them spend some time, troubleshooting, just to be sure.

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