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Orbital Or Rotory Polisher

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okay i dont know which one to get, i know one of them requires you to be good so you wont mess up the paint, by that i mean burn it.

so how could i go about doing it my self, which one should i get

and what product to use to remove a bunch of scratches, that elbow grease just wont doo...



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i just have a craftsman 10" random polisher, not much power there, but it works really well for applying and taking off, not much for buffing out deep scratches or serious paint inperfections, but will cover the minor imperfections :)

if you are really enthusiastic about detailing and want your paint to be flawless, you need to invest in a porter cable orbital buffer. they are about 115 bucks or so. meguiar's caries one that is idiot proof, meaning it is really difficult, if impossible, (as they claim) to damage your paint.

if used properly and with the right products you can really come out with a show car finish ;)

a rotary buffer in the wrong hands will ruin your car's paint, for sure. it is for professional use only

#83 DACP is a really good professional grade polisher/cleaner for use with a porter cable if used correctly it will take all the scratches/cob webs out.

i used the new Color X product with my buffer for the scratches, it also works great, i got almost all the scraches out with that.

if you want to see the process of what i did to my car, just scroll down in the detail forum and read the topic entitled weekend full detail pics

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i'm not sure if that buffer would have enough power to break down the dacp <_<

my craftsman had a tough time with it when i used on the BMW i did last weekend.

since its your first time to use it, i would probably just go with the Color X product from meguiar's, it really works well

#83 dacp stands for-------the number is just the meguair's prodcut #

--------DACP (Dual Action/Cleaner Polish)

for the scratches:

i usually go around with Scratch X by hand first, just spot buff it. (not the whole car)

then follow with Color X with the buffer, as that has some of the same qualities as Scratch X posesses but with a deep shine.

you could also try #9 swirl remover, heard that works well too, haven't tried it though

then follow with a glaze, and seal her up with your favorite wax :lol:

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okay thanks ill try themout

here is the process icurrently do by hand

0. clay

1. stage 1 paint cleaner

2. scratch X

3. #9 swirl remover

4. glaze

5. i think #29 Yellow Wax

so which one of these could i use the buffer

so your saying 3200rpm prob wont be enough

also what type of padding should i use for each one???????

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well i'm not saying it won't have enough power, i'm just saying i'm not sure if it would i don't know how powerful that coloman is, especially with a battery <_<

mine didn't work with it all that well, actaually i wish i would have just stuck to me normal routine and left that out, i worked on it forever, cause its not like wax put on and buff off, you have to use the buffer until the DACP breaks all the way down into a fine dust. you see what i mean??? yours might work i don't know, i guess you could try, i was just saying to be safe use the Color X. i just wanted to try it, but you really need a porter cable with that IMO. but give it shot :)

you can use the buffer to apply all of them if you wanted to. and take all off by hand with a microfiber.

you really want to use it on the paint cleaner and the glaze. scratch X by hand, and i also apply the final sealant wax by hand, but you could use the buffer either way

i used foam applicator pads on all of the different products. you could use terry, but i don't like too, i think foam works the best... but make SURE you use a clean, seperate pad for each product,,,,no cross usage :D

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That buffer isn't going to have anough power or cut to remove any surface imperfections, let alone break down DACP probably. You'd probably be better off learning how to break down polish by hand. I usually tell people that are interested in buying those to just spend the money on a nice set of towels instead.

Pretty much the only way to remove swirls or scratches outside of a rotary buffer is a PC. I know its expensive, but its the only way.

I also wouldn't say rotaries are only for professionals, but they're not for the novice. A PC is a good place to start, you can get results with that.

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