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Body Side Moldings - Worth It?

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Just bought a 2015 300h and am considering protective options including body side moldings, clear bra and tint. I can have the dealer install BSM for $199.00 and would love feedback on;

1. Whether you have had it done on your car.

2. If you have, has it actually protected the door panels.

3. If you have, has it improved or degraded the look of the car in your eyes?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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If you park in parking lots, it helps. Not nearly as much as it helped in the past when everyone drove cars. SUV's doors open so high that most ride over side moulding, especially when propelled by small feet on the rea doors. Frankly, I think everyone with kids should be required to have sliding doors but...

Looks depends a lot on the car. I don't think it looks great. On my new IS250, it came with the clear layer thing over the back door panels and rear bumper. Well, I guess it would help but it actually looks kind of like a dirty film sometimes. Not an option I would have selected.

Spend the money on a set of WeatherTech floor liners. WELL worth the money and will save your car more than the other stuff since it all looks aftermarket anyway.

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I have a 2013 ES350 and when I saw other cars with the BSM I wanted them. I ordered the moldings from a dealer in Texas for $99.99 including shipping. I installed them myself on a July afternoon with my wife as an assistant. It's much easier when you have someone hold the moldings while you align them and finally press onto the car. Took about one hour with prep and precise measuring. IMO they look beautiful. The molding breaks up the long sweep of the door. The Satin Cashmere moldings matched the paint perfectly and I got these installed - with my labor - for half of what the dealer wanted. As far as protection goes, I park my car away from all other vehicles. I'm paranoid that I'll get a door ding from some idiot who couldn't care less. So, thankfully, I can't say if it works or not. I do know that it looks good. If you would like to see the installation manual for this let me know as I still have it online.

Good Luck whatever you decide, but I really like the moldings.

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bc6152, could you give me the installation manual for the BSM? I too have a 13 ES350 in Cerulean blue and think the moldings would look good.


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My ES350 came with them already installed and, frankly, I was unsure of the look until I actually looked at them. My previous ES350, a 2008, did not have them and I loved the slick-side look but I have come around now to the look of the new 2016's with BSM. I live in a densely populated area and have to park n large parking lots so, even if it is only a state-of-mind, I hope the BSM will do its' job and protect my car!

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