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Starter Problem

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Wow, yea - that is high. I replaced a starter on the previous 300 model at 95,000. The starter on the current model was replaced at 40,000. So, I guess it depends. Next time give us a holler about the problem, maybe we can help a little. I'd recommend a quality independent mechanic over any car dealership service department any day.

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ya... way too high. Out of respect for those who don't appreciate foul language, I won't express my true feelings about dealerships. Don't feel alone, though. Couple months ago a Chevy dealer got my mom to shell out $260 to replace the NGK's that I had put into her Camaro. According to them, NGKs are bad for Chevy motors (nevermind they sometimes come stock in certain Chevy motors) and that was why her check engine light came on. Maybe I should start a dealership so I can legally rob people.

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