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Car Will Not Start....help!

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I am having a problem with my 2007 IS 250. My car will not start. It is not the battery. I have had it tested, I have disconnected it, I have tried jumping it. Headlights come on, brake lights come on when pedal depressed, and interior lights come on. It is not the key FOB battery either. The car is still able to be unlocked, locked, alarm activated and trunk opened with it with no issues. When I depress the brake pedal the green indicator light on the start button does not come on, however "ENGINE START/STOP" on the button is illuminated. Dashboard light do not come on. Accessory mode does not come on. Engine doesn't turn over, no clicking noises, nothing at all. The door open indicator light on the dash constantly stays on (NOW, not before the problem). Any clue?? I am really trying to avoid the dealship trip!!

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To those who have viewed this or to anyone else who experiences this problem, here's the latest. After checking EVERYTHING I could think of....I had it towed into a dealer to try reprogramming the remote to the car. After running diagnostics, turns out the power source control ECU took a dump. Part number for reference.... 89670-53010

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