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Vsc And Check Engine Light Coming On Intermittently


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The VSC light and Check Engine light have come on but then, without incident, go off again.

I had a local auto zone check and received the following:

OEM Number to Cross: P0330

Troubleshooting P0330


Knock sensor (KS) 2 circuit

Probable cause

1 Open or short circuit condition

2 Poor electrical connection

3 Faulty KS

I don't know what the code means - I havent noticed a change in the way it drives but I cannot ignore the lights.

Typically, the lights will come on while driving and stay on for a couple of times of turning on and off. (I run a lot of errands throughout the day, so I am in and out of my car).

Randomly, the lights will not be on when I start it.

If anyone has seen this or knows about it and a solution, your feedback is appreciated.

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My neighbor has a 2001 RX300. Both of those lights have been on for over 7 years. They should use a dollar ($) sign for the trouble indicator because after you spend a fortune and get all the codes cleared, it drive the same.

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Good thread on the problem. Checked the code on neighbors which shows rear oxygen sensor. I suggested (6 years ago) to replace it, but it's not my car so... I do know that for 7 or 8 years it has run perfectly, shifts perfectly and still gets excellent fuel economy. I guess you have to decide if putting a lot of money into that old a car is worthwhile just to get lights off.

No new engine will allow knocking, engine computer adjusts as needed. Not sure how that would have impact on overdrive though. Run some 93 and see what happens.

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I have an RX300 also and the CEL is on. I changed both VVT sensors, and a crankshaft sensor. CEL still on...with the VSC light as well. Driving me crazy...can't get rid of the light. really don't want to ignore as maybe something else is wrong but at this point I don't know what else to do.

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Seems on most older RX300's that the VSC and CEL lights on is pretty typical. Having the lights illuminated is somewhat annoying but something we all must get accustom to in the future. I do know the CEL in my Nissan Frontier has been on for about 10 years since I had the Flowmaster exhaust installed. It was annoying for the first few years, now it doesn't bother me. I figure after 80,000 miles with it on, nothing is being hurt by my "catalytic below threshold" reading. Seems the Flowmaster improved the exhaust flow which now exceeded the rather tight parameters set. Upon reading I found that Nissan didn't leave enough distance between the settings BUT for a fee would reset them. Yeah, right. Keep glowing little light.

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