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January! New Gs-F At Detroit Show.


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Saw the photos on CNN or MSN the other day; they don't tell much. In an F designation, I'd be looking for some additional suspension tuning, and maybe a little more aggressive auto trans / shift pattern and some usable hp increase. I am guessing that a GS-F will be basically RC-F power and tighter suspension, with some interior treatment. Call it f-Sport writ large.

I also guess that it's the Lexus throw-down to the Germans, so it will need to meet or exceed the best of Audi A7 and S-versions) and BMW (M-sport) and maybe challenge the M-B E-class AMG versions.

So far, the RC-F appears to be well rated against BMW, winning in a few categories but failing to take the prize for absolute performance. Maybe seen as more civilized. Will be an interesting test for the GS. I will expect to see it at the Chicago Auto Show in Feb, if not at the dealership.

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In short the RC-F has a bit of weight problem, with hampers the raw acceleration numbers just a bit. Even the RC350 is a bit pudgy considering engine is same as introduced in model year 2006. Maybe the GS-F will have similar issue.

Agreed, a tad more civiliized (and probably reliable too) is to be expected. We will see how the sales numbers play out. Personally I think the minor differences in acceleration are not that big of a deal, but magazine jocks often love to dwell on that. Porsche 911 is recent years is a good example of a successful high end performance car being very fast, but usually not the fastest car in class, not a deal killer.

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Yes, comes back to the argument that Lexus management has made a good assessment of the potential buyer. Those last few tenths of a second or skid pad ratings aren't apparent in normal driving. Given differences in tires, drivers, and conditions, I think most of the results come out within one standard deviation -- not discernible in real-world driving. David Coulthard's personal car was a M-B roadster automatic, and not a fire-breathing AMG. Guess he didn't need F1 performance on the highway, and he already had the bragging rights.

I think the Lexus guys have concluded that (a) they aren't gonna get the guy who wants the bragging rights for the test-car 1/2-second lap time difference at Riverside, and that (b) they don't necessarily want that guy as a warranty customer.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see a somewhat leaner, lighter, sharper RC or GS, but for the practical difference, machs nix.

Will be interesting to see to what extent the F-cars will drive sales.

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