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Ls 1996 Cruise Control System


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I bought LS 400 model 1996 before one year ago. I have a little problem. The problem is that the cruise control system is working under 110 KM and I can fix it in any speed but I can not fix my speed above the 110 KM. Also, the car import from America. I need the solution because the highway where I am living that radar is catching above 160 KM. So how can I unlock my cruise control to fix it in any speed.


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I don't know if there is a speed limit for the cruise control. Could be a safety thing. If there is a built in limit the only way to change it would likely be to reprogram the cruise control ecu, you would really need to know what your doing. That's computer engineering and systems programming or high level electronics stuff, you'd probably have to be at home with assembly language too boot.

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Welcome, Ahmad.

Most cars have an upper and lower limit to the cruise control (CC) set by the manufacturer. There is a lower limit (usually in the 40 K/M, or 25 MPH range) so that people are not trying to use their cruise in the city with its (usually) crowded conditions. Then there is an upper limit (usually around 145 K/M or 90 MPH) so as to discourage high speed without manual control of the throttle (think falling asleep behind the wheel).

Now, I am not sure what the limits are for your particular car. It could be that the country where the car was imported has strict rules on the CC limits and that the CC ECU was reprogrammed upon entry and registration in that country. What country are you referring to, Ahmad?

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