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1300 miles on the car. Love it, no other problems. It is a joy to drive. Nav, ML sound.

Twice, on startup the nav/radio screen and the secondary display sort of freeze up. The trackpad does not work (no cursor visible) and the radio does not operate. There is no bluetooth connection, and a variety of other glitches on the dashboard controls. However, the car drives fine and is safe/functional.

It seems to happen about 30 seconds after starting, and in both cases happened at night.

I called Lexus and they said "we will let you know if there is a campaign for this problem." Of course there is no campaign, as far as I can tell, I have the only RC in California thus far. What I want to do is file a bug report with Lexus, but it doesn't seem like there is a way to do that.

Has anybody seen this with another recent model? Probably the electronics are similar on other 2014/2015 models...

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My wife called me yesterday, said the display screen was dark & nothing worked, phone & could not change radio stations on steering wheel etc...

Turned it off, next start up, all is normal..

2015 RC 350.. 400 miles.....

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